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We were in marketing and sales long before most of our competitors were born. And we have been developing websites for sixteen years. That's before Google. Before Facebook. Experience counts. And our love of our work.

We are in Port Macquarie NSW, but we have clients all around Australia and in Europe. Virtually all of our work is from referals from satisfied clients. Go ahead and check. Contact any of these websites and ask. We can come up with the right web solution for you. Mobile friendly. Wordpress, if you like. Online stores. Anything. Talk to us without obligation and get surprised!


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Google has announced that very soon it will operate two separate search indexes (indices, OK) - one for desktop sites and one for mobile sites. Given that morst searches are these days done by people using mobile devices, it means your site will not show up for anyone searching for your product on a mobile unless you have a mobile compatible site!

In other words, you should have a responsive website. For those that still don't know what this means, a responsive site is coded in such a way that it displays correctly on any device - mobile phone or large Mac desktop computer display. Check out our sites below.


We are being hit by RTOs! That's registered training organisations. More and more are coming to us for a website.

We have our own custom built student enrolment system and this is working fine for many of our clients, but we have come across a new solution we think should be mentioned - PowerproRTO - a hosted enrolment system which integrates nicely with our websites and provides the RTO a very user-friendly facility that allows you to publish courses, dates and prices, provides an enrolment system and then communicates nicely with a desktop application for the management of students. Importantly, it is able to spit out reports fully compliant with ASQA requirements. Now that's a real blessing and saves you hundreds of hours of work and big time stress. See this software at http://powerprorto.com.au/


Not so long ago everyone had come to realise that to get with the trends you need to have amobile friendly website.

What used to be a trend is now a critical requirement for websites. Basically, if your site is not mobile friendly then Google will push you down in the search results and will give priority to sites that are, for the given search term, mobile friendly. In other words if someone searches for, say accountancy service Coffs Harbour, then if Google finds two sites in Coffs that are relevant to that search term, it will position the mobile friendly site higher than the old type site. It goes beyond that of course because these days more people use mobile phones and tablets to search for stuff, so your site has to be usable when they tap the link.


"How much will it cost me for just a normal website?" This is a common question and even though it's hard to define what a normal website is, we want to give you some answers.

About $1600 for a normal site consisting of home page and about five more pages. This will include a big images animation on the home page, a contact web form, a live map and the whole site will be "responsive" meaning it will work just right on mobile phones, tablets or big desktops. A professional outcome, as they say. We can even add a very simple easy to use CMS system for a couple of hundred. OK, now check out the Australian government website to see what a bargain we are offering here!


Work, work, work! It never ends. But we're not complaining :)

It's probably timely to once again say thank you to our clients, thank you for being nice, patient, helpful people. We consider ourselves very fortunate to always encounter nice people. We've heard some horror stories from folks we know in the web business, but we can't understand it, we have no such troubles. Maybe it's because we smile a lot :) you know how it goes, smile and people smile back. If you call us or email us, we promise to smile when answering!


Websites have become complex. Compared to say 5 years ago, websites have become dramatically more complex in terms of html coding, volume of code and varieties and numbers of javascript and other code files which load with every web page you access. Basically, to make a website work these days and make it display properly in hand held devices and phones requires a lot of skill and much more time. We would say making a html website used to be child's play. But it sure is not anymore! To save clients money, we use ready website templates and we then customise them. Saves lots of time and lots of money. Sure, we can build them from the ground up too. We can direct you to a wide range of templates, you take your pick and we work with it to make it unique. Just for you. Add a shopping cart or student enrollment system or membership system - no problem.


It's a common question we are asked. How long does it take for you to build us a new site? Well, it takes 2-6 months, but only around 50 hours of actual work on it. What?? If we sat down and got stuck into it, we'd have the site in less than two weeks, but inevitable there's mountains of emails and phone calls chasing content from the client, seeking feedback, chasing content, chasing content, seeking feedback.... and yes, more of the same :)


OK, mobilegeddon is here! Google just announced in Australia that as from 22 April 2015 half of the websites of businesses and companies will disappear from search results. Google will rank mobile friendly sites above non-mobile sites. This means about half of Australia's corporate sites will be way down the list in the searches. Is your site mobile friendly? If not, speak to us.

Read all about it here


Keep an eye out for our new sites showing up below soon. We have fingers in so many pies presently, that we lost track just how many fingers a hand is meant to have!

Not that we are complaining. It was a bit quiet over Christmas it's true, but the work load has certainly come at us with a vengeance. Love the challenge! Got some really cool stuff coming up soon.


The weight of a website, meaning the amount of data/files that has to download to your browser, has changed drastically last couple of years or so. The old html sites were usually light and loaded fast. You'd have the web page, a couple of javascript files, one CSS file and some images. All together maybe 150 to 500 kb.

Nowadays we use the boostrap code platform, html 5, jquery etc etc and all of a sudden when your browser wants to fetch a web page, it has to download the web page, around 5 to 10 CSS files, a dozen or more jquery and other scripts files, adjunct assets and usually a pile of large images, larger than we used to have them. The 500 kb page suddenly has become several megs in weight. This takes time to download. It's the price you pay for the superior quality and versatility of new websites.


Give this some thought. About half of our clients have a CMS system (Wordpress or whatever) because they wanted to be able to edit their site themselves. Only one of these clients use their CMS. All the rest ask us to do the editing. Food for thought?

A site without a CMS is called a hard coded site. You'll need us to edit it. But such a site loads faster and, importantly, cannot be hacked and does not require regular security patches and programming upgrades. And yes, we explained this to all our clients before we started on their project.


The new trend in web design is "flat". No more 3D or hardly any. You know, the shadows and curls around images and content blocks? Less 3D seems to mean less code and less graphics, so faster page loading for mobile devices. Not sure about that. Most shadows these days are created using purely code. An extra couple of lines of code and presto.

Maybe we are antiquated? Because we do like some shadows and rounded corners and stuff :)


It's a bit odd, but some people spend money on getting a website and then it doesn't bring them any business. Why? One of the primary reasons is that the search engines are placing them down the bottom of the ladder. And the main reason for that is no updates to content. Their site stays more or less the same from the day it was opened.

We go blue in the face telling our clients "you must update content often and regularly". It's odd, but many don't bother.

Read an article over the week end about a local business that invested thousands in a fancy website and then discovered they got not a single order from the site, but did very well from word of mouth advertising, some local sales campaigns and random phone calls. Which means their biggest promo expenditure brought the least, or nil, benefit. The lesson is you've got to update your site regularly. We can do it for you, or we can build you a Wordpress based site where you can do the updates yourself easily.


It used to be if you don't have a fax, then you miss out. Then it was if you don't have a mobile, you lose business. Now it's if you don't have a website, then you miss out. But not only a website, but a website that people can view nicely on their mobile. Did you know more people search for products and services on a mobile than on a computer?